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Johnson County Schools Back to School 2020-2021

Eagle Family,

The Johnson County School District will resume classes on September 1, 2020. This year, the Johnson County School system will provide two options for our students, staff, and families- JC Brick-&-Mortar Traditional and JC Click-&-Soar Remote.

The first option, JC Brick-&-Mortar Traditional, will be regular attendance at school-going five days a week as normal. This, of course, will be following all public health guidelines including temperature checks, social distancing and the wearing of face masks when 6 feet of distance between individuals cannot be obtained.

The second option, JC Click-&-Soar Remote, will be fully remote. With this option, students will work daily with teachers to complete assignments from home. This option will require a long term commitment from students and parents as we will not permit our students to float between in-person face to face and online learning.

This website has been developed to fully explain details of both of our 2020-2021 school options, JC Brick-&-Mortar Traditional and JC Click-&-Soar Remote. I ask that you carefully read the expectations and requirements of both options. This website is a working page that will continue to have guidance and information added that will allow you to fully understand how our schools will operate during the 2020-2021 school year.

As you are well aware, this has been a time like no other. As we continue to develop and specify our reopening plans, feel confident in knowing that the safety, welfare, and health of everyone continues to be our priority in all decisions being made. We are continuing our work on policies and procedures that students and staff will follow while being transported and on campus with recommendations from Kentucky Healthy at School Guidelines. Remember, that as more is learned about Covid-19, change in guidelines, recommendations, and requirements from public health officials occurs often, sometimes daily. We continue to adapt and plan to meet the needs of all of our students. Please understand that while we feel good about our plan, as things change, the plan may have to as well. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. We ask that you continue to be patient and understand that we all have to be flexible during our reopening efforts. Remember, everything we do, we do because of and for each and every one of our Johnson County students.

Thom Cochran

Superintendent, Johnson County Schools

Johnson County School

Option 1

Welcome back to school for the 2020-2021 school year...

Students enrolled in JC Brick-&-Mortar Traditional School will return to campus and classrooms on a regular schedule, five days a week, with in-person teachers.

Johnson County Schools believes the best place for our students is in the school building with in-person instruction by teacher(s). We are taking the following measures to ensure students are safe at school:

JC Brick & Mortar Traditional...

Student Commitment Checklist:

  • Participation in traditional in-person learning experiences, five days a week, regularly scheduled classes, offered by assigned teacher(s)

  • Daily attendance is essential (except when sick)

  • Participate in daily temperature checks by adults

  • Creating personal space:

-1st-12th grade students will wear a cloth mask (when social distancing of six (6) feet can’t be obtained)

-Personal space of six feet apart (except when masks are worn)

-Social distancing six feet apart will be maintained in common areas (hallways, bathrooms, etc.)

  • Use handwashing (sanitizing) often for good hygiene

  • Students will be required to wear student identification badge

Parent Commitment Checklist:

  • Will help support and follow guidance for #HealthyAtSchool

  • Students with a fever, sick, or showing other symptoms will be kept at home

  • Parents will do home temperature checks each morning before transporting his/her child(ren) to school (bus or parent drop-off)

  • Students with symptoms (cough, shortness of breath, chills, sore throat, muscle pain, lost of taste or smell, GI, rash, exposure to COVID-19) or fever of 100.5 will be isolated under adult supervision and parents will be contacted

  • Provide a clean mask for your child to wear each day (1st-12th grade students)

  • Encourage your child(ren) to maintain six (6) feet distancing in school settings

  • Clean and disinfect school supplies and clothing daily (backpacks, pencils, clothing, etc.)

  • Provide child(ren) with hand sanitizer to use for their personal hygiene

  • Parents will not be permitted inside buildings for drop-off or pick-up

  • Parents who enter the building for scheduled meetings must follow the same Healthy at School Guidelines (social distancing, masks, temperature checks, etc.)

  • NOTE: Based on the Kentucky Department of Education, local, state, and federal guidance, families should prepare for intermittent school closures or periods of extended NTI (Remote) throughout the school year. When and if this happens, all students will transition to JC Click-&-Soar Remote and will follow those procedures. Please plan accordingly to have childcare arrangements for your child should these closures occur.

JC Click-&-Soar Remote

Option 2 (2020-2021)

JC Click-& Soar Remote Option 2 is for parents/guardians that do not wish to enroll their student(s) in a traditional school setting on September 1st. This option will allow students to be enrolled in the Johnson County School District and receive remote instruction. Paper packets will not be a part of the Johnson County School's remote option. Remote instruction will be delivered with the same rigor, pacing of skills/standards, and learning expectations as traditional instruction.

Student Commitment Checklist….

  • Participate in orientation, biweekly meetings, and conferences

  • Daily attendance online and follow a designated schedule

  • Daily participation and completion of work assignments (no packets)

  • Assignments must be completed for the grading and progress monitoring process

  • Follow the guidance of online teacher’s timelines and online meetings, etc.

  • Agree to terms of remote learning and complete a full semester

-NOTE: Options may change from remote to in-person only after completion of the first semester

  • Use proper device:

-Chromebook (provided as needed)

-Cell phones are not considered a viable (proper) device for remote learning

Utilize and maintain the care of school resources loaned out to you for the purpose of remote learning

  • Participating in extracurricular activities/sports will be permitted on case by case basis

Parent Commitment Checklist….

  • Participate in orientation, biweekly meetings, and conferences

  • Provide Internet with the ability to stream videos and participate in online meetings

  • Support the learning needs of your child(ren)

-Provide supplies (pencils, paper, markers, etc.)

-Provide a designated place to complete assignments and be online with the teacher(s) as scheduled

-Ensure Chromebook is charged and in working condition/report problems (as needed)

-Ensure your child(ren) are following timelines for assignments

-Communicate with your child’s assigned teacher(s) as concerns or problems are presented

-Independent student work will be used in the grading and progress monitoring process

  • Develop and maintain a partnership with teachers and school personnel to support student learning and social/emotional well-being

  • Participate in provided training

  • if applicable, participate in Admission and Release Committee meetings (ARC) to address your child's individual needs

Johnson County Healthy At School


  • Monitor and driver temperatures/screening will occur prior to transporting students./

  • Monitor and driver will wear a mask.

  • Buses will receive increased cleaning between routes.

  • Student temperature check prior to boarding the bus by monitor. *Please do not send your child to school with a temperature or if they are sick!

  • Students who have been identified with a fever of 100.5 will be returned to the parent (if available). If the parent is not available the child will be isolated, as best, possible and transferred to the school nurse upon arrival.

  • Students will use hand sanitizer.

  • Rosters will be maintained for assigned seating.

  • Only students assigned to a bus will be allowed to ride the bus.

  • No bus changes allowed.

  • Students in 1st-12th grade will wear a mask while being transported.

  • Loading the bus will occur from back to front.

  • Unloading the bus will occur from front to back.

  • Each rider will have an assigned seat (siblings will be placed together).

Food Services

  • School breakfasts and lunches will be provided daily to all students. Depending on individual school plans students may eat in the classroom, cafeteria, or other designed areas. When eating in the cafeteria students will be assigned seats and follow an A/B schedule to improve social distancing. Flexibility in meal times may be required.

  • Masks will be worn when transitioning to and from the cafeteria.

  • Cafeteria staff will wear masks, gloves, and other PPE.

  • Temperature and wellness checks will occur daily for all food service employees.

  • Increased cafeteria sanitation.


  • Remote students can pick up lunch at designated site.


  • The use of plexiglass does NOT prevent the mask requirement if less than 6 feet apart

Frequently Asked Questions

Orientation Meeting

  • Required for traditional/ online parents/guardians and students