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Joeasy technology Co., is a company dedicate on software customization of industrial automation. Especially good in products AOI inspection, high speed barcode reading & high precision parts assemble.

Within computational AOI inspections, our customer can sort out defect products in easy & fast way. By customization software, data base can be connected to get the data, and it will be easier to optimize production efficiency. And the operation of software can be smoother.

By highly precision positioning method, the error of assemble can be easily reduced.

Developed Projects

O-RING AOI inspections

With auto inspection, it is easy to find out the product is NG or not, and also able to collect NG items for fine tune yield rate.

Also, with auto inspection, the improve of production speed is highly obvious.

Multi-language Switch

For many production site, English may not always familiar for local operator/engineer. It is always good to use familiar language/word during production for reducing learning curve & avoid from miss-understanding.

FPCB Hot Bar Pressing Vision Positioning

By computer vision, 2 FPCBs’ offset of X-Y position & angle can be calculated. With the control of positioning platform, the error can be compensated by precising movement. And then 2 parts of FPCB can be solder in correct position.

Compare to pure mechanical positioning, computer vision can raise the yield rate higher.

IC Substrate Inspection & Distribution

It is bad to see a NG part assembled onto product & cause other components to be wasted. Which is especially hard to be accepted on high BOM cost product. Auto inspection can help to fix the problem. By steps of auto distribution, computer vision exam & auto sorting, NG parts can be easily separated. The waste can be reduced & credit of company can be raise.


Joeasy was found in 2015, the members of Joeasy come from Taiwan’s science & technology industries. We are specializing in computer vision, optical applications, motor control & system integration.

The company name “Joeasy” comes from the sound of native Taiwanese pronunciation, which means “Very Easy”. It is also our vision to have our partner upgrade their advantages to competitors with very easy way.

Compare to larger scale system integrator, Joeasy defines ourselves as an export in software side. It is our core to focus on control, computer vision, data analysis & most important of all good co-work attitude.

Joeasy is flex, and willing to listen to your requirement.

NI Certificated Partner


We are willing to listen respectfully for your questions.

Joeasy Technology Co., Ltd.

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