Special Education Department


The JNPSD Special Education Department strives for program excellence by fostering and developing strong partnerships and a culture of continuous improvement. This will be achieved by providing authentic learning opportunities, which are conducive to the evolution of the essential skills needed to develop and produce students who are fully participating, well rounded, contributing members of society.


To implement a special education service delivery model that provides individualized instruction and support that is uniquely designed and tailored to meet specifically identified needs, which ultimately enables students with disabilities to achieve at their highest potential.

Department Staff

  • Dr. Rebecca Dalton, Director


  • Christy Darrington, Asst. Director


  • Janice Tune, Secretary


  • Brea Tyler, School Psychology Specialist


  • Caren Campbell, Medicaid Billing Specialist


  • Kristie Newborn, ABA Therapist


Jacksonville North Pulaski School District offers a full range of special education programs and related services. We are staffed with school psychologists, speech therapists, ABA therapist, occupational therapists, and physical therapists. Our staff is dedicated to producing improved educational outcomes for students in our program.


The Jacksonville North Pulaski School District implements the ongoing system when school is in session to locate, identify, and evaluate all children residing within its jurisdiction who are suspected of having a disability. This includes: highly mobile children including migrant children, homeless or wards of the state, those in need of special education and related services even though they are advancing from grade to grade, and those attending private schools.

Requests for initial evaluations are not limited by the number per year or time of year.

If requests for evaluations are made when school is not in session, parents are to contact the Director of Special Education at 501-457-5051 or via email at rdalton@jnpsd.org.

Transition Services

JNPSD has partnered with Pathfinder to provide pre-employment training to students. If you are interested in this service, please contact Ms. Melba Bartlett at Jacksonville High School at 501-982-2128 or via email at mbartlett@jnpsd.org

Boundless Learning


JNPSD has partnered with Arkansas Co-Teaching Project. We are excited about the progress that is being made and so are our students.

The JNPSD Special Education Office is located on the Homer Adkins Pre-K Center Campus.

500 Cloverdale Rd.

Jacksonville, AR 72076

Phone: 501-457-5051

Fax: 501-457-5125