Python Coding in Schools:

A gentle introduction through making games!

Teaching Python - the Easy and Fun way!

We understand that teaching a text-based programming language such as Python can be a daunting experience at first!

All those syntax errors, and weird symbols and hair-pulling troubleshooting!

Not to mention coming up with interesting and engaging activities for the students to sink their teeth into...

Here at John Monash Science School, we have successfully introduced over 150 students to Python Programming using a games based approach. We have found that by making the product visual and interactive, students' engagement levels were boosted enormously. It was a wonderful way to authentically integrate the design-thinking methodology into the curriculum. There were also tight links with the mathematics and science curriculum too!

A fun little Pong game that you'll learn how to teach. Based off actual student work!

We are offering a FREE 1 day workshop to share our resources, findings and a walkthrough of sample lessons and activities that you can quickly adapt into your classrooms so that your students can get up and running with Python - one of the most popular, professional programming languages used in the tech industry! Students will be able to find their feet quickly using core Python programming concepts and have a blast along the way, programming their own little PONG game!

Workshop Details

The lessons will be leisurely paced, backed with easy learning topics, and augmented with coding activities along the way. And most of all... FUN!

Come along and learn a fun way to teach and learn Python!


Friday 6th December


9:00am - 4:30pm


John Monash Science School,

Monash University,

39 Innovation Walk, Clayton VIC 3800

Lunch included

Please bring along a laptop. You don't even need Python installed! (but totally okay if you already have)