About Me


After university I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I applied for lots of jobs, suffered lots of rejections, then 'fell into' a civil service role in London. I was in administrative support, then IT support. When technology progressed and we were able to access desktop computers without having to visit the user, I became disillusioned with the work. I soon realised that it was the interaction with people that I had enjoyed and that I missed. I found myself getting up from my desk to visit users just for the human contact.

It was time for a change.


Properly qualified counsellors must undergo at least 40 hours of personal therapy and 100 hours of client practice in training alone. In training, I counselled refugees; most of whom had suffered severe loss, trauma and violence. I also volunteered for an NHS bereavement service and for a local charity supporting young people's mental health.

Since 2011 I have worked part-time for a charity supporting young people's sexual and emotional health. My other role is that of secondary school counsellor, a position I've held since 2014.

I have a breadth and depth of experience, gained from several years consistent work in the public, charitable and voluntary sectors.

Qualifications & Memberships

I have a level 5 Professional Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling and am committed to continuing professional development in order to broaden my skills and enhance my practice.

I am educated to degree level (MA Hons, History, 1990) and found my way to counselling in my late thirties.

Contact Me: 07123 456789 / jenny@jlhcounselling.com