What is STLP About?

(From http://stlp.education.ky.gov)

The Kentucky Department of Education’s Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP) uses project-based learning principles to empower student learning and achievement through the utilization (and creation) of technology based solutions to school and community needs.

Student create projects, products or services to meet those needs and then demonstrate their process and learning via various STLP categories. Categories range from instructional, technical or community service based projects to digital content creation (digital art, photography, design, programming, app development, robotics, etc.) to technical services (student help desk, network engineering, wireless deployments, etc.). The best projects, products and services are invited to compete at the STLP State Championship each spring — an event which drew 10,000+ participants at #STLP16.

STLP taps into the students’ interest and challenges/motivates them to explore new ways of learning and helping their school/community. State sponsored events highlight the creative, logical, and often entrepreneurial, talents of students across the state. In short, STLP provides a means for students to design, make, collaborate and learn through the general medium of technology and provides a platform for those 21st century college and career skills to be demonstrated.

Ways to Compete:

  • Digital Products Online Judging Competition
    • Book Trailers
    • Feature Videos
    • EPublishing
    • News Show
  • State Competition
    • Race to the Future Slot Car Races
    • Quick Tech Recall