Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow. -D'Angelo

Once again you have the opportunity to choose your own collaborative professional growth activity. The district will reimburse UP TO $150 of registration and other costs.

Begin by following the 3 steps below....

Step 1:

Find an Event to Attend

You might want to chat with your building administrator to get some ideas...

CLICK HERE to see some ideas

Step 2:

Fill out this form to get approval to attend your event.

(You must get approval prior to June 1, 2018)

Step 3:

Get registered for your event. Take the "PD Verification" form to your event, fill out the reflection section at the end, and turn in your form with all appropriate receipts to the Curriculum Office.

CLICK HERE to MAKE A COPY of the PD Verification FORM.