Water controls engineering by a real CONTROLS SYSTEMS ENGINEER, licensed in the discipline and highly experienced. Easy to read, quality drawings with a faster turnaround and lower cost. An efficient team that specializes in municipal wells, booster stations, and other remote infrastructure. Decades of experience packaged into reusable modules.

Jensen Systems is about making your project as successful as it is intuitive because your project matters to us. Trust us to take on your headaches and come back to you with elegant solutions that make your job easier and your projects more effective.

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Unlike most firms (who have electrical engineers designing their controls systems), Jens is a certified Controls Systems Engineer. We create FULLY ENGINEERED controls systems schematics, panel layouts, and bills of materials from the start. This means your project gets the quality and accuracy that it needs, from the very beginning. The way it should be.

we're design reuse experts

We don't continually revisit the same problems. When we solve something, we take the time to package our solutions for reuse. By turning experience into stencils, software function blocks, or written procedures, we can produce higher quality designs in a fraction of the time. This means that your project gets field tested designs and more hours of engineering effort than you actually pay for.


We've got the expertise to do detailed panel design, so contractor submittals and submittal reviews are not required. Contractors can build directly from our prints, so fewer back and forth communications are needed. This means less confusion, fewer steps in the process, and big cuts in time and man hour costs. Not to mention that we get immediate feedback on the accuracy of our designs. You get a product that is constantly improving.

we're masters of our niche

We've designed many different types of controls systems projects over the past 30 years, but have chosen to hone our focus specifically to PLC-based municipal water and wastewater controls systems. This way, when we take on your project you know that it's in the hands of a team who specializes day-in and day-out on exactly what you need.

keeping our cool with mobile solutions

Triple digit heat in the desert is normal, but we don't let it slow us down. With our air conditioned mobile office we can be anywhere in the Valley of the Sun on short notice, and remain sharper and more effective. So while the other guys are programming on an upturned bucket in the sun, we're giving your project quality solutions no matter the weather. No sweat.

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