Meyzeek's Morning Announcement Broadcast

Welcome to all things WMZK! This is the official home of Meyzeek's video announcement service.

WMZK is produced during the STLP related arts classes.

You will find recording from the current school year on the respective pages of this site.

We have two different recording areas. The studio, as you can see above-- has our news desk and behind the scenes technical stations. It takes 5 students to run the studio.

2 Anchors

1 Control Computer Technician (Controls our recording software)

1 Teleprompter Computer Technician

1 Graphics Computer Technician (Controls what is shown on the TV behind the anchors)

Our second recording space is for our Green Screen area. This space is where the weather, and other special segments, are recorded. This space is still evolving as we decide how best to use it.