Forms & Info

Classroom Observation Request

Parents or caregivers wishing to observe, or to give permission for a clinician to observe their student in the classroom must follow the procedures outlined in our SBDM Classroom Visitation Policy.

Educational Enhancement Opportunity

From the KDE website: “What are the standards set in the statute for an Educational Enhancement Opportunity (EHO)? The opportunity includes participation in an educational foreign exchange program. The opportunity includes an intensive instructional program in one of the core curriculum subjects (English, science, mathematics, social studies, foreign language or the arts are specifically mentioned in the statute). Events that are not within the standards for approval of EHO days would include funerals, family vacations, sports events, community events and religious events because these are events that are not part of an intensive instructional program.”

Please keep in mind that a family vacation with educational activities planned, such as visiting aquariums and/or museums, is not approvable. Additionally, a day spent volunteering or lobbying would not qualify.

Some events that would qualify would be:

The EHO Form must be submitted to the Attendance Clerk at least five days prior to the scheduled absence.

Please be advised that our SBDM Make Up Work Policy states "Students who are using the educational enhancement option (EHO) are required to obtain school work before leaving and submit the completed work before the EHO begins or on the class day the student returns from the EHO. The EHO is not considered an absence from school, and therefore make-up work policies would not apply."