The Room of Requirement

Library Mission: The Mandalay Library Program supports students, staff and the community to become curious life-long learners and critical consumers and producers of information and technology for educational, informational and recreational needs. We will provide high quality materials and instruction in a variety of formats for use at school and beyond our walls.

Important Information!

We have physical books 📚, ebooks 💻, & audiobooks 🔊 available!

Come by anytime the doors 🚪 are open to check out books!

Students can have 3️⃣ (3) books out at a time.

Checkouts last 3️⃣ (3) weeks, but you can renew books 1️⃣ (1) time.

Is there a book you want that we don't have? 🥺

8th Grade Intro.webm

eBooks 💻📖

  • These are checked out for TWO WEEKS and then are AUTOMATICALLY returned

  • You CANNOT place holds for eBooks

  • These are available to EVERYONE in Jeffco and get snatched up quickly!

Return Books & Materials from ANY JEFFCO SCHOOL to our library!