What Makes

Mandalay Special?

Originating in 1980, Mandalay Middle School offers grades 6-8 for all students. We put a spotlight on the social, emotional, physical, and logical development of each student. We work towards high standards for academics, as well as leadership. Through our programs, students are given the skills and knowledge to be outstanding members of our school community. Our school praises sports, friendly technology, and a great assembly of teachers who are always ready to give students of Mandalay the best school experience.

Mandalay is made up of 2 floors connected by 3 stairwells. There are 2 major hallways that are connected to all classrooms along with a large lunchroom, it is a very simple school and all classes are easy to find.

Mandalay includes many aspects in its environment. Core classes, electives, clubs, sports, and special programs. These options all include a variety and new experiences for students. There are many options for students to choose from but there is always something for everyone.

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