Welcome to 4th Grade

4th Grade Meet and Greet Slide Show

GT 4th Grade Meet and Greet Presentation

4th Grade Mission

Westridge Elementary's 4th grade class, will strive to do our BEST. We will be helpful, polite, kind, and respectful. As 4th grade students, we will set a good example for others. We will make learning our top priority by doing all our work, staying on task, and listening to and following directions. We will take responsibility for our work, our behavior, and our learning. We will do our best to be the best class we can be and show excellence in all we do.

We will RESPECT others and our school property. Each day we will come to school with a positive attitude and be prepared to learn. We will believe in our classmates and ourselves. We will make WISE CHOICES both in and outside of our classroom.

We accept this challenge of preparing ourselves for 5th grade.