Battle of the Books

And the WJES Winners are...

Oof Squad: Phoebe Hornfeck and Hermina Lehman

Cookies 'n Cream: Larissa Jensen, Samantha Larcombe, and Logan Johnson.

The JeffCo School District battle will be Monday, March 11 The top two teams from the school-level battle will combine into one team and will represent West Jeff Elementary at the District Level Battle on Monday, March 11. 2019 from 4:30 to 6 pm.

Location: Rooney Ranch Elementary School

Address: 2200 S. Coors St., Lakewood, CO 80228

Welcome to our 2018-2019 Battle of the Books at WJES

Below you will find a description of the Battle of the Books, Permission to Participate in the Battle, List of the Battle Books, and a Slide Show about the Battle Books.

  • Our In-School Battle will take place during the week of February 25.
  • District Level Battle will take place Monday, March 11th from 4:30-6:30.


We meet on Wednesdays from 3:45 - 4:45 pm in the library. Students need to have a completed permission form in order to attend (permission form is below). At our meetings, we will be writing chapter summaries, character lists, event lists, and practicing answering questions.

Students in Bobcats on Broadway will meet during their recess and lunch on Thursdays (in the library).

Participants are encouraged to read a minimum of five of the ten books.

Please contact me, Holly Wagner, if you have any questions or concerns.


Students have been given a Composition Notebook for their notes. Here is how to organize your notes:

  • Page One: Table of Contents
    • List all the Titles and Authors of the book leaving space to add page numbers later.
  • Next Page: First Book Characters
    • Title with the first book you are reading. Then Characters.
  • Next Page: Major Events (for first book)
    • List the major events throughout the book
  • Next Page: Chapter Summaries
    • For some books that might just be Beginning Middle End for others a one or two sentence summary will do.

Getting Your Hands on the Books

We have one copy of all the books that are only available for participants in the Battle of the Books to check out from our library. The Jefferson County Public Library has multiple copies of books, eBooks, and audiobooks for the titles as well. If you feel compelled, feel free to purchase copies of the books from your favorite book source. If you would like to donate them to our Battle, I will keep them in the library for our battlers. If you'd like the books back after the battle, I would be happy to return them to you.

WJES Battle Parent Intro Letter
WJES Battle Permission Form
Battle of the Books- Jeffco 2018-2019
WJES Battle of the books
Mock BOB