Outdoor Lab

Wayne Carle Middle School will be going to Outdoor Lab October 26-29th 2021.

Check out gear on the Outdoor Lab Foundation site! Reminder: Mullen, Burdick, Brookins, Whimbush, and McConnell are going to Mount Evans and Raymond, Howell, Griffin, Grimes and Brown are going to Windy Peak.

(Parent meeting was held on Wednesday,9/8/2021)

Please stay tuned and check your email regularly for updates on:

  • Student drop off and pick up

  • Medication drop off and pick up

  • COVID testing

  • Packing list

  • Students bunkhouse and core groups


1. Please send mail by Monday, October 18th, 2021.

2. LETTERS ONLY! No packages or express mail, please!

3. Send the mail to the correct address (see below).


(Name of Student)

Wayne Carle MS

Outdoor Education Lab School

Mt. Evans

P.O. Box 1857

Evergreen, CO 80437


(Name of Student)

Wayne Carle MS

Outdoor Education Lab School

Windy Peak

P.O. Box 435

Bailey, CO 80421

ALL 6th grade students in Jeffco are expected to participate in the week of learning at Outdoor Lab. If that is not possible due to unusual and unique circumstances, arrangements will have to be made with the teachers, and the student is still responsible for the learning that occurs that week. There is an alternate assignment. Students will need their Outdoor Lab journal.


  • Medical Information Form (Online Form)

    • Due Date: 9/27/2021

  • Medication Permission Form

    • Due day of departure with medication

  • Registered Nurse on site duration of trip

  • Discuss special diets and special medical needs with the nurse

Mount Evans (303) 982-5208

Windy Peak (303) 982-9494