Three Creeks K-8 

6th-8th Grade Registration

Middle School Night Parent/Course Information

5th Grade Parent Presentation

2023 - 3C Elementary to Middle Transition Registration Presentation

5th Grade Presentation

24-25 Course Registration.mp4

6-7th Grade Presentation

Important Dates

Current 6th and 7th Graders:

Thursday, February 15th- 7th & 8th Grade Registration Info Presentation

Thursday, February 22nd - 7th & 8th Grade Forms Due turned in with signatures to Advisement teacher.

Thursday, February 22nd - 7th & 8th Requests Added to Campus in Access Class

Current 5th Graders:

Wednesday, February 12th (5:30 - 6:30) - 5th Grade Middle School Parent Night: Parents will get a preview of the information that was presented to students in the classroom and a quick look into the registration process, parents and students will also receive information about Outdoor Lab. 

Tuesday, February 13th - 3C 5th to 6th grade student presentation: Registration Team  will meet with all 5th graders in order to provide them information about middle school in 5th grade classrooms.

Tuesday, February 20th - 5th to 6th grade forms due to their homeroom teachers: All course request forms with parent signatures will be input at school.

Tuesday, February 27th - Registration team in 5th grade classrooms to assist students as they input their registration.


School Counselors:

Paige Zaboth - (serving 4th, 6th, and 8th)

Michelle Brownlee - (serving 5th and 7th)

Enrollment Secretary:

Kari Cochran - 

Spanish 101

Spanish 102

World Languages and Cultures

Visual Arts 1

Visual Arts 2




Family and consumer


FACS 2 - after FACS 1

Food, Nutrition, and Culinary Art (7/8)

Yearbook (7th and 8th only)

Team Sports (7/8)

Physical Education

Fitness and Conditioning

MS Instrumental Music

Concert Band

String Orchestra

Concert Choir



Graphic Design

Computer Science

Robotics (computer science first)

Student Technology Leaders (STEM 2 or Robotics first)

6th Intro to Theater 

7/8th Intermediate Theater - Fall Play Production

7/8th Musical Theater - Spring Play

Leadership: Student Council

World Lang/Culture (6th)


Creative Writing


Science Exploration

Check Out the New Graduation Requirements in Jeffco for 2020

Pathway to High School & College

Click here to look at the current 5 year planning rubric which outlines minimum graduation and college entrance requirements. 

High School Credit for Middle School Students 

Students have the opportunity to take advanced Mathematics and World Languages coursework at (school name). These courses follow the same Colorado Academic Standards and curriculum as the courses offered at the high school level and are one way we provide accelerated and challenging coursework to our students. Successful completion of any of the  eligible courses listed below will automatically award the student high school credit. This means that the course name and letter grade will appear on the student’s high school transcript. The grade will not be calculated into the student’s high school GPA.  

Which courses are eligible?

Mathematics: Algebra 1, Geometry or higher. 

World Languages:  Any course Level 1 or above, or a 101/102 combination.

The above courses are exclusive of summer school courses as stated in Board policy IKF. 

Please note:

If athletes are planning to enroll in college as freshmen and wish to participate in collegiate athletics, they must be certified by the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Center. Students should register with the NCAA eligibility center, at, no later than the end of their junior year. It is the students’ and parents’ responsibility to verify their eligibility for NCAA participation and to register each year for NCAA approved core courses. Students should meet with their counselor no later than the end of their sophomore year to ensure their course plan is on track with eligibility requirements.

College & Careers 

Going to college is not for everyone, but it is an option that every student should consider. There are so many types of colleges and college level programs available ....opportunities that will suit nearly every need or interest and the various talents and abilities found among individual students.

Lisa Moore Interview.mp4

Keeping the Future in Mind

Warren Tech is a premier career and technical education center offering rigorous, comprehensive programs that connect 21st Century academic knowledge to career-focused learning

All Students are required to take English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  Each of these core classes are a full year long and will be on a student schedule for both 1st and 2nd semester.  Student then have at least three classes for elective offerings each semester.  

Students with Individualized Plans will be placed in classes according to their needs.  

Accelerated and Honors Options

GT Online Courses

Available through Jeffco Virtual Academy (only for 7th/8th ALP students) 

List of available Course Options/Descriptions can be found HERE 

**Please speak with Counselor and Administrator if planning to Apply**

New Course for 2024 - 2025

Honors English/Language Arts 8 will be made available to students who wish to challenge themselves further. There will be no entrance requirements beyond registering for the course. We advise students and families to talk through the opportunity, especially that it will be a full year commitment. Please see the course descriptions on the next page.

Accelerated Math Pathways

The process used for whether a student will be placed in Math 6 or an Accelerated course relies on the following body of evidence for each student:

All 5th grade students will initially be registered for Math 6. If a student displays the adequate body of evidence described above by early May, their math course will automatically change by the release of schedules to reflect their placement in an accelerated course, in place of Math 6. Parents will be notified by email if this change occurs.