Three Creeks K-8

Instrumental and Vocal Music Program

Est. 2017

TCK8 Instrumental and Vocal Music Program are part of the

Ralston Valley Music Articulation Area

Welcome to the Three Creeks K-8 Instrumental and Vocal Music Program

Three Creeks K-8 School provides a unique opportunity for students to participate in Instrumental Music through a Performance Based Music Education Curriculum. Students who participate have the opportunity to Sing. Play Brass, Strings, Percussion or Woodwind Instruments in performance ensemble and classroom settings.

The Three Creeks Instrumental and Vocal Music will be guided by our school’s mission. We will strive each and every day, from the classroom, the hallway, the rehearsal, the concert, at every opportunity to Reach Every Child Every Day to develop a joy of learning Instrumental and Vocal Music Methods to become independent, life-long learners of Music.

We will develop information processing, critical thinking and problem solving skills to encourage appropriate risk-taking behavior in the area of Instrumental and Vocal Music Performance. We will interact cooperatively with others based in positive self-regard, a spirit of willingness and respect for others. We will develop unique and creative strengths through Instrumental and Vocal Music Education that creates and encourages talents to actively participate in and contribute to our world.

Instrumental and Vocal Music Choices for the 2020-2021 School Year

The Three Creeks K-8 Cougar Concert Band Grades 6-8

The Three Creeks K-8 Concolor Orchestra Grades 6-8

Three Creeks K-8 Concert Choir

Three Creeks K-8 Shadow of the Mountains Jazz Band Grades 6-8

Three Creeks 5th Grade Beginning Band

Three Creeks 5th Grade Beginning Orchestra

Instrumental and Vocal Music Teacher: Jeff Nixon