Thomson's P.T.A

Parent Teacher Association

If you are looking to build a positive and collaborative partnership with your student, their teacher and their school, then you have come to the right place. We never have too many when it comes to family/community involvement within our Thomson community. The more, the merrier! Thomson PTA loves feedback from families and loves to helps families get involved. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will be hosting ALL Thomson PTA meetings virtually, via ZOOM. If you would like more information about Thomson PTA to include how to join and what your membership entails, then please feel free to email our PTA President, Sarah Vinton. Her contact information is below:

Sarah Vinton

PTA President

*Positions still vacant:

Vice President


How do I join Thomson PTA?

To join go to

In the store are the various memberships based on who you are to the student. Add it to your cart and check out just like a regular e-purchase.