Welcome to Music!

At Swanson Elementary, every student is a curious and passionate musician. Music is happening all around us, all the time. Can you hear it?

In K-2nd grade we sing, dance, play percussion, and move to music to begin to develop musical literacy as well as a sense of beat, rhythm, melody, and harmony. In 3-6th grade we engage in project-based learning and deepen our music literacy skills through studying piano, guitar, composing, and music history. Curriculum spirals from K-6th around the following Colorado Academic Standards for Music:

1. Expression of Music

Performing music, as an ensemble and individually. How can we express our emotions and thoughts while engaging others with musical performance? What do we need to do to gain mastery over our voices, or an instrument, to bring our performance to life?

2. Creation of Music

Composing, improvising, and arranging music. How do we communicate using music? What parts of our self-identity can we bring into the compositional process?

3. Theory of Music

Learning to speak, read, and write the language of music. How is music organized and structured? Why is it structured that way? What can history and culture tell us about a piece of music?

4. Aesthetic Valuation of Music

Addressing the beauty, heart, and soul of music with critical thinking. How do we form our musical taste buds? What makes a good piece of music?