Leawood's Student, Family, and Community Supports

Leawood has a full time social worker and a half time social emotional learning specialist! We help students develop positive connections at school so that they can discover, inspire and grow. We provide social/emotional support to students to help them build their social skills, problem solving skills, and coping skills. When families are faced with challenges such as financial hardship or loss, we have resources to share. We can also help families with questions they may have around their child's behavioral or emotional needs. Please feel free to reach out to either of us by calling the school (303) 982-7860 or sending an e-mail. 

We look forward to working with you!

Jennifer Magri

                    Social Worker

(303) 982-7860 (Leawood)

(303) 982-4765 (voice mail)  


Jeni Wells

Social Emotional Learning Specialist


Monday/Wednesday-Columbine Hills

*Alternating Thursdays

(303)982-8088 (voicemail)


Food for Thought BakPak Program

Students receive a bag of food each Friday that includes breakfast, snack, and lunch items. The bags are delivered discreetly to the student's backpacks during the school day.  Thanks to Michelle Morroni and Light of the World Catholic Church for providing this resource for many south area Jeffco schools.   If this resource would be helpful for your family, please complete the Request for Support form. 

Serving Kids Clothing 

If your school age children are in need of gently used clothing, please reach out to us!  We can request clothing, shoes, coats and boots one time per semester for each student.  All undergarments are new.  Please fill out the Request for Support form with the following information: your child's age, specific needs and sizes, and any specifications that will help the volunteers pick out items that your child will enjoy (colors, styles, etc.).  Orders typically take about a week to fill, and we will call or e-mail you when they arrive.  

Leawood's Holiday Resources

Families who may be experiencing financial hardship and would like some additional help with food for Thanksgiving or holiday gifts for their children are invited to participate in our holiday resources.  Thanksgiving boxes are provided by the Leawood staff and the help of PTSA who provide $25.00 gift cards for turkey or other perishable items.  Holiday support is offered through our community Giving Tree, where we do our  best to provide a few wish list items for any student in need, including winter clothing.   All information is confidential.  Thanksgiving boxes and holiday items can be delivered or picked up at school.  Please complete the Holiday Support Form if you are interested.