SRMS Science Fair

Summit Ridge Science Fair

The science fair is not mandatory, but highly recommended - Participation is worth extra credit! Find out how much extra credit you may earn by clicking the link in the left-side menu.

This page tells you everything you need to know to participate in the Science Fair. Follow the directions carefully. Good luck!!

How to Participate in the Science Fair... Do the following by these dates:


Scientific Method Practice in Science Classes. Come up with a Science Fair idea.

  • 8th grade classes will be practicing the scientific method in January.

  • 7th grade classes will be analyzing science fair project questions January.

  • 6th grade classes will be learning about the science fair and developing experiment ideas January.

  • All students are offered an application to join the Science Fair on these dates. Students may also download application by clicking the Forms Tab on this site or get one from their science teacher.

January 20th, 2023

Turn in an application by this day.

  • Application needs to be signed by a parent.

  • If you are going to work with a partner, BOTH OF YOU need to turn in your own applications. If we only get one application, that will be the only person allowed to participate (and get extra credit).

  • Applications can not be accepted for any reason after this due date. Turn them in early if you may miss school!

  • Do not begin your actual project until your application has been approved by your teacher. We may require you to change your project.

Mid January

Start organizing your project

  • Make sure you have approval from your teacher first!

  • Begin gathering supplies for your project.

  • See the "Guidelines to Designing a Science Fair Project" under the Forms tab on this page for hints on what should go into your project.

  • Potentially start your project - especially if you will require a lot of time to collect data. Consider the fact that there will be snow on the ground and cold weather for much of the next month. You might need to take advantage of nice days as much as possible depending on your project.

End of January

Start your science fair project!

  • Prepare your data table before you begin!

  • Write down your data (your dependent variable) as you conduct your experiment! Don't "try to remember" what happened along the way.. this is what your data table is for!

End of January-Mid February

Conduct your Experiment

  • Finish your experiment sometime between these dates.

  • You are much better off ending well before this end date, but you should be ok as long as you finish by this time period.

  • Start building your Science Fair Display poster.

SUNDAY February 26, 2023

Complete your Science Fair Display

  • Your project must be done by this date!!

  • Your project should be on a tri-fold poster.

  • Any "props" you intend to display with your poster should be ready to go.

  • See the "Presentation Expectations" under the Forms tab for hints on what should be on your poster.

  • This due date allows you to get the project to school THE DAY BEFORE THE FAIR; you can not wait until the night before!

Monday, February 27, 2023

Bring your Science Fair Project to school

  • This is the day BEFORE the Fair!

  • On this day you will be setting up your display in the LMC after school.

  • You should bring in your poster and and any cool props/tools/specimens that you would like to display.

  • You will be able to bring your display in before school and leave it for the day in your science teacher's classroom.

  • Pick it up right after school and go to the LMC to check into the Fair and set up your display.

  • You will be assigned a location in the LMC for your display.

    • If you requested a spot with electricity (on your application) you should be placed at a spot with a plug. Please remind a teacher when you are setting up your display.

  • Your science teacher WILL NOT set your display up for you.. you will be sad face if you forget to take care of your own project.

  • There may be a line to check into the Fair.. you might need to make arrangements if you ride the bus.. there is no Activity Bus this day. Sorry.

Tuesday, February 28th, 2023

The Big Day - Science Fair 2023!

  • Head to the LMC after school where your project awaits. Be there by 2:40!

  • You will stay until 4:30 with your display to be judged.

  • Judges will come by, look over your project.

  • Be ready to answer any questions the judges may have about your project.

  • We will send you away no later than 4:30 so we can compile the scores from the judges.

Open House

  • 6:30 - 7:30 pm

  • The Fair opens back up for your parents and you to come back in, show-off your project, and walk around to look at other kids' projects!

  • Award Ceremony! During the Open House we recognize the Science Fair winners and say some kind words about all of the students who participated.

  • Try to make it back to the Open House... It's pretty cool!

March 3rd, 2023

Clean-Up Day

  • 2:33-3:00 pm

  • Clean up science fair and remove projects

  • Please make plans to gather any materials and projects

  • Any projects left after 3:00 pm will be unceremoniously stuffed into your locker

Reminder about the Science Fair Extra Credit:

  • Your science teachers at Summit Ridge Middle School give extra credit for participating in the Science Fair!

  • We do not have a standard way of giving extra credit. All of your teachers are unique people who:

    • have different ideas about fairness in grading.

    • have different ways of determining how many points an assignment should receive.

    • have different amounts of points in their grade books from each other each trimester!!


  • Click on your teacher's link on the left bar (above) to determine how you might earn those extra credit points for their class.

  • Oh, and NO! You can't apply your extra credit to a different class like LA or Math.. geez.. really kids??