South Lakewood Elementary Community Garden

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South Lakewood Elementary

An example of a DUG community garden.

What is a community garden? A community garden is a garden on our school property that surrounding community members are welcome to support and participate in. Together we can maintain and sustain the garden as well as benefit from what it produces.

Why have a community garden? Our student council has come up with a list of great reasons why a community garden will be great for our school!

  • We can grow fresher healthier food to use in the cafeteria.

  • The garden can be used to teach academic lessons like life cycles or cause/effect as well as provide time for students to socially engage with each other over a shared activity.

  • The community around us can engage with school and benefit from the garden as well.

  • The garden can support learning about healthy eating and nutrition.

  • We could use our garden to support those experiencing homelessness.

  • We can learn patience as we watch the garden grow.

  • We can maximize the use of our school space.

  • The garden can provide opportunities for students to teach others new skills.

  • Planting new things is good for the environment.

  • For fun!!

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More about our community garden plans:

  • We hope to work with DUG (Denver Urban Gardens) to make our gardening goals happen!

  • We have scouted an area for our garden towards the edge of our field where we will have access to water, sunlight and also leave enough space for recess fun in our baseball diamond.

  • We hope to break ground in 2022!

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