Welcome to the Wayne Carle Art Department! The art classroom at Wayne Carle is a place for kids to express themselves through their creativity. It is a place for kids to use higher level thinking and come up with wild ideas. It is a place to begin and build on a life-long love of art and education. We use many different materials, both new and recycled, to help make each artists' vision become a reality.

Mr. Movay and Mr. Rubino share teaching duties at Wayne Carle. We each teach all grades of visual art. Mr. Morvay also teaches Graphic Design to 6th and 8th grades and Mr. Rubino teaches Video Productions and Yearbook with 8th grade. You will always find one of us in the art room, feel free to stop by any time or reach out via email or voicemail.

Jessie Morvay


Nick Rubino