20-21 Information: Remote & Hybrid

Tech Troubleshooting

Before calling the district's family/student IT department (303) 982-3438, please try the following tricks:

After doing that, if you are still experiencing wonky issues, then call the number above. Let me Ms. Vezzetti know how it goes!

Parent/Guardian Class Updates/Summaries

Where you are not always able to see the virtual classroom unless your student is signed in, you can choose to receive updates from the teachers throughout the year.

Google Classroom -

  • We will be sending an invite through the student's grade level Google Classroom (Class of 2021, Class of 2022, Class of 2023, Class of 2024).

  • Once they send you a invite, you can accept and you will receive the summaries for each class about:

Schoology -

Parent/Guardian Notifications.webm

Parent/Guardian Notifications

Hello parents and guardians, here is a short tutorial on how to receive notifications of your student(s) activity on Google.Classroom or Jeffco.Schoology.

The first step is to make sure your contact information, especially your phone and email, is all updated on Jeffco Connect.

  • Google.Classroom - teacher sends you an invitation. Click "Accept". Then, you should get a weekly summary of activity from ALL your students classes

  • Jeffco.Schoology - login with your Jeffco Connect username and password. You'll see your student(s) activity. Under "Settings" you can change your Notification frequency.

How is a Learning Management System (LMS)--like Google Classroom or Schoology--different than Infinite Campus?

Watch this video to learn more about how GMHS uses both of these platforms to support our students and communicate with families!

Top 10 Tips for Student Hybrid/Virtual Learning Succes at GMHS

Parents and Guardians, we encourage you to sit down with your student and watch these tips together. Then, create a plan for how virtual/hybrid learning is going to work at your home.

Email Vs. Office Hours.

Parents and Guardians, we encourage you to sit down with your student and watch. This video explains:

  • The difference between office hours and emailing a teacher

  • When it is appropriate to join office hours vs. emailing

  • When students do have to email their teachers, how to create a professional email.

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