Preschool at Wilmore-Davis

The preschool program at Wilmore-Davis Elementary is a full day program for three- and four-year-old children. Our delivery is educational play-based. This research-based model fosters creativity, focused attention, self-regulation, deliberate memory, and strong oral language. It is also fun and engaging for students!


Learning in preschool forms the basis of future academic success. Our day at Wilmore-Davis is designed to inspire children to learn and give the support to enable their success. As part of this we focus on reading awareness, basic number and letter familiarity, and critical thinking skills.


Research shows that developing gross motor skills early improves long term academic success. At Wilmore-Davis preschool we enjoy two recesses a day. We also take walks and spend time in the gym.


Children learn through playing in dynamic enriching environments. That is why at Wilmore-Davis children play in fun educational centers, participate in playful directed activities, and play outside.