Prospective Students

Artist Auditions

PAH is an audition-based program focused on demonstrating passion to the arts!

Auditions for 2024-2025 school year were Monday January 29th, but there are some spots left.  Please fill out the audition request below if interested, AND email Milissa Mills. Thank you!

If you are interested in the PAH program- Please watch our informational video below. 

Audition Requirements

What to Expect at a PAH Audition 

Auditions take place in person at Pomona.  Watch your email in January for specific details after you sign up for an audition above.  See details of how to prepare for each art's area's audition below.  Arrive in the Pomona Library starting at 3:30 p.m. You will have two experiences -- a PAH humanities classroom simulation, and an arts audition so that you can demonstrate your passion for the arts. 

Please contact PAH Coordinator Milissa Mills if you have any questions. 

Culinary Arts:

  • Bring one dish of your choice (prepared ahead of time), either savory or sweet, to show your passion and creativity. This can be a favorite meal re-imagined, or your “specialty”.  You may use recipes to guide your preparation.  You may choose an appetizer, entrée, side dish OR dessert.
  • This should not be an expensive dish! For a recipe that serves 4 you should spend no more than $20! This means no more than $5 per serving.   You will be evaluated on passion, creativity and taste, NOT on how expensive or rare your ingredients are.  Only your final plated dish will be evaluated for taste and appearance.  If you choose to include meat or foods that should not be eaten raw please ensure they are cooked to a safe temperature (at least 140°F) during cooking and reheated to that temperature before serving.
  • Day of Audition:
  • You will be given time to plate and heat your dish the day of the audition.  This time is to reheat if needed, you will not be given enough time to fully cook a dish during the audition.  Plain white serving plates will be provided, you may choose to bring your own.
  • Be prepared to speak about your presented, your experiences with culinary creativity (e.g. education, cooking at home or culinary programs you have participated in) and what interests you about Culinary Arts.

Visual Arts

  • PORTFOLIO to be submitted with application, and entirely in digital format. Please share in google drive with Kim McGrath Anderson Actual work should be brought to audition
  • Content: No fewer than 5 and no more than 8 pieces total, showing a variety of content, media,             and technique from the possibilities below:
  • 2-D Artwork (drawing, painting, graphics, photography):
  • Original 2-D artwork well presented
  • Possibilities include but are not limited to: realism, abstraction, pencil, colored pencil, computer graphics, photography, pastels, mixed media
  • 3-D Artwork (ceramics, jewelry, sculpture):
  • May be kiln fired and glazed, or hand painted.
  • Possibilities include but are not limited to: symbolism, functional or sculptural clay, plaster, metal, coil, slab, thrown, carving, casting, piercing
  • List of Art Experiences (e.g. education and awards)
  • Artwork will be evaluated based on creativity, design, technique, and presentation.
  • Art work may be created on your own, in school, or with a private instructor
  • Copied work from preprinted materials and copied cartoons and comics should not be included
AT THE AUDITION: Be prepared to speak about your work and about the form and content of a professional piece of artwork.

Instrumental Music

  • One Major scale using full range of the instrument
  • One Etude between one and two minutes

Vocal Music

  • Sing a song of your choice with recorded accompaniment. The song must be between one-half and two minutes long.
  • Be prepared to sing either “America the Beautiful” or “My Country 'Tis of Thee”, in the key of F, acapella.
  • Sing 1 or 2 octave scales in a major key.


  • Acting - Two contrasting monologues. 1 minute each. Please use monologues from published plays.
  • Musical Theatre - One 32-bar cut of a musical theatre song. There will not be an accompanist present, so please have a track with which to perform. Please no acapella auditions.
  • Technical Theatre - Interview, be prepared to answer questions about your experience in theatre and why you want to be in PAH for technical theatre. Bring in any evidence of previous work in the world of theatre and be prepared to talk about it.


  • We're excited to have you audition for PAH writing. Please bring two samples of your written work. One must be a creative piece. The second must be of the non-fiction genre (possibilities include: a persuasive piece, an expository piece, a memoir, biographical profile, literary analysis...).  Be prepared to discuss your works and share what interests you about the written word.


The information below is a vital link in the multi-step registration process. 

"The creative industries in Colorado have been growing faster than in most other states, and Colorado now ranks 6th in the nation in percent of its workforce in creative class occupations."

Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade