Pomona Area Elementary Band and Orchestra

Welcome to the Pomona Elementary Music website! This website has information for 5th grade band and orchestra for Parr, Little, Warder, and Weber Elementary Schools.

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Schedule for 5th grade band and orchestra:

Classes start the week of September 6th. Students are expected to bring their instrument, music book, and a pencil to and from school on the days they have class. To avoid accidents with instruments, students should NOT leave their instruments at school on the days they do not have class.

If you have not registered for band or orchestra yet, use this form to officially register.

Here is the list of instrument accessories that you will need along with your instrument!

The best place to get an instrument is from a neighborhood music store. The stores we recommend are:

Golden Music

Music and Arts

Rocky Mountain Music Repair

Pomona Instrument-Specific Equipment

Now that you have your instrument, peruse this document to see how you can help your student!

Parent's Guide

Here is our "handbook" with all pertinent information. Sorry the formatting is weird--we send this home as a little booklet and this is how we make that look good :)

This document will be sent home with students on the first day of class.

Elementary Handbook