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Gradebook Help-If a "Y" appears that stands for "yes" I have the assignment it's just not graded yet
If an assignment title has an * that means there were extra credit points available to earn.
Work Habits points include: Names on papers, bringing supplies to class, turning work in on time, and participating in class activities

[Dec 23rd] Despite a lot of grading I have only gotten about 65% of the test/projects done. I will l have to finish when I return after the holiday break!
Students are busy working on a group project that will culminate in class presentations on Wednesday and Thursday before the Holiday break. Research was started in class back on Dec. 6th.
All Online textbook logins [] were tested at school before homework was assigned. Your User name is the 5 letters on the little piece of paper I gave you-you were also told to write it on your blue advice sheetThe pass word is DDragons18
If you are having issues double check that your device is allowing pop-ups from Pearson and that Adobe flash is running
You can also check the slideshow from Sept 4th to review directions [found under Links & Tools]

*SCHOOLOGY* Needs to be accessed from the Drake website

Log in is your student ID # and your regular password

SUPPLIES FOR 20183 ring binder for just History classLoose leaf notebook paperpencilshighlighter3 dividers is the email I check

Please make sure you are signed into a Google account to view the Homework calendar

*Daily power points can be found under Links & Tools is the email I check


  • Feb 15th- Early Release @11:50
  • Feb 18th-NO SCHOOL
  • March 5th -8th graders will receive registration materials
  • March 15th Early Release