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Welcome to the TechForEd Program!

Oberon participates in the TechForEd device program. This is a district-wide program and follows the district's guidelines and expectations. This page serves as a one-stop reference guide for families regarding the program and the guidelines/expectations.

District's Vision for TechForEd: Create an equitable and sustainable model for technology-enabled classrooms that prepare students to thrive in a connected, digital world in alignment with the Jeffco Generations Strategic Plan.

To learn about the program, including the benefits, please visit the district's website. The district also has Low-Cost home internet options for those interested on this website.

It is important to understand that the school can only recognize the TechForEd devices. If a student brings a personal device to school, the school is not responsible for nor can they tech troubleshoot that device as it is a liability issue.

Device Care and Expectations

The image on the right is a quick reference (SPA, VIET, RUS) of the expectations and care for your device. Remember that the device you are using belongs to the district, but you are using it for four years. This means that you are responsible for the device, the case, and the charger. You are also responsible for your online behavior. At the beginning of every year, you and your parent/guardians complete the Internet Use Agreement. This agreement has several components that you and your family agree to. Make sure that you've read it and understand your responsibilities.

If you damage the device and it needs to go to repair, we will give you another device to replace your damaged device. This device becomes the one you will keep. The damaged device will be repaired and given back for others to use.

The district employs the Palo Alto firewall to monitor, filter, and block restricted websites on all district computers while connected to the district network and on district devices. While this firewall does its job, there is no 100% tool to block all material from your student's device. In order to help families increase protection and give parents more control at home over their student's browsing history, the district offers SecurlyHome App. At school, teachers can use Securely Classroom which allows them to monitor what your student is doing in their class and to lock their device down to use only the websites and apps the teacher wants them to use during that class. SecurlyHome App allows parents to monitor, block, and even shutdown internet access to their child's device when they are not in school. Please visit the district's Securly site for more information on how to set it up and use it.

In addition, at every grade level, we will conduct citizenship lessons that focus on how to properly use the internet. We will also send home the monthly digital citizenship family connection information from the district which gives families ways to connect with their students.

OMS Tech Guide