Ms. Walker 7th/8th ELA

Welcome! I'm Nora Walker. I am a new teacher this year at WCMS--I taught for the last two years at a middle school in rural Iowa. In my class, I value student voice, student engagement, and student success. In my classroom, we only have one homework assignment. This is Reader Response, which is posted on Schoology and is due every other Tuesday at midnight. I always allow revision opportunities for projects and papers, so be on the lookout for those on Schoology as well. I love teaching and I am so happy to be working with my students each day. For any questions, please email me! I love working closely with parents to increase student success and comfort.

Below is a link to Jeffo Schoology, my 7th and 8th grade daily schedule, and my Google Calendar, where I will insert a summary of what we do in class each day and any deadlines approaching.

Link to Schoology, where you can find each Reader Response and Revision opportunity.

Jeffco Schoology

Students log in with their Wayne Carle student ID and password.

7th Grade Q2

7th Grade Q2 Daily Schedule

8th Grade Q2

8th Grade Q2 Daily Schedule