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Ms. Myers

6th Grade Social Studies

6th, 7th, 8th Grade GT Enrichment



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WJMS Grading/Late Work/Redo Policy


The focus of grading is on measuring student mastery of the learning standards for the subject. There are three components to the gradebook in each class: the Assessment grade (40% of total grade), the Content Progress grade (40% of total grade) and the Work Habits grade (20% of total grade). The Assessment and Content Progress components are a measurement of knowledge, understanding and skill in the subject area. The Work Habits component measures effort, work completion, participation and other non-academic areas.

Late Work

All work is expected to be turned in during the class period that it is due. All teachers accept late work within the following parameters:

  • 6th grade - within 10 school days of Turned In checkmark or entered grade in the Infinite Campus gradebook.

  • 7th grade - within 8 school days of Turned In checkmark or entered grade in the Infinite Campus gradebook.

  • 8th grade - within 6 school days of Turned In checkmark or entered grade in the Infinite Campus gradebook.

A student with an excused absence has an additional two days for every day they are absent to turn in late work. Students who may need additional time to complete work should talk to their teacher and negotiate an extended deadline. Acceptance of late work after these set parameters is at teacher discretion.

Redo Policy

Students have the option of redoing a test/project/assignment if they have not demonstrated mastery. However there are parameters that must be followed in order to redo the test/project/assignment.

1. Work Habits grades may not be redone. Since Content Progress grades reflect ongoing learning, some assignments may be redone and others may not. Expectations for these assignments will be clearly outlined by the teacher and noted online (website or gradebook). Assessment grades may be redone.

2. Students have 2 weeks to redo an assignment or assessment. The two week time period begins the day that the score is entered in the gradebook for the class. Teachers will enter the redo deadline date in the gradebook under comments. (e.g. – if a student turns in an assignment 1 week after the grade is entered for the class, they will only have 1 week remaining to redo the assignment.)

3. Students have the option of redoing an assignment/project/test if they receive a score less than 90%. However, the final score of the redo will not be higher than 90%.

4. Each teacher will have specific requirements for the redo process. That process will be clearly communicated in the class syllabus and the teacher website. The process may include any of the following: a Redo Form, test corrections, all homework/assignments relevant to the assessment must be turned in, re-teaching session.

5. Test/project/assignments may not be redone once the trimester has ended.