Mrs. Elosta's Science Class

Welcome to 8th Grade Science 

This year in science we will cover six units: Scientific Method and measuring , Law of Conservation of mass, Energy- Forms and Transfer ,Waves- sound, light, and water, Force and Motion and Space. Each unit will include projects, labs, research and assessments. I encourage students to share their ideas by working together and participating in discussions. 

About Mrs. Elosta

     I am a Colorado native who grew up in Lakewood. I moved to Steamboat Springs Colorado to study biology and outdoor education, then I finished my biology degree in Denver and my masters degree in Gunnison. Before teaching 8th grade science,  I worked as a ski instructor, yoga teacher and outdoor education instructor. When I am not teaching science, I enjoy being outdoors with my husband and dog, skiing, backpacking, boating, and reading science fiction. 

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