Ms. Fullerton

7th Grade 

Language & Literature


Individuals & Societies

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Syllabus - Lang + Lit 

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Below is a calendar of units we will cover (subject to change).

For a calendar of assignment due dates, please refer to the calendar in Google Classroom.

Language + Literature


Aug - Sept - Oct

Non-Fiction:  Diving into the Real World (Part One)

Oct - Nov 

Understanding Others - Refugee


Non-Fiction:  Diving into the Real World (Part Two)

Jan. - Feb

Writing a Feature Artlcle

Mar - Apr

Climate Change / Multi-genre Project

Apr - May

Individuals + Societies

Legacies of Early Civilizations

Aug - Sept

Development of Societies

Sept - Nov

Economic Successes

Nov - Jan

Exploring Geographic Connections and 

Civic Issues

Jan - Mar

Modern Impact and Applications

Mar - May