Outdoor Lab


Informational Parent Meeting - Monday, December 3 - 6:30-7:30

Med Form and Behavior Form due December 10

PowerPoint shared at the meeting. Informational Packet sent home with students.

If you were unable to attend, an informational packet will be sent home with your child on Tuesday, 12/4.

The last two pages need to be returned by Monday, 12/10, to their advisement teacher.

    • Med form - filled out and signed on both the front and back
    • Behavior form - signed by both student and parent after reading behavior expectations (can be found in the Information Packet linked above).

A separate med form will be sent home that needs to accompany any medication being sent to Outdoor Lab. All medication must have the original pharmacy label. For questions regarding medication/food needs, please refer to Shelly Ford, in the Drake clinic or Denise Morris the area nurse.

2018 - 2019 Schedule

2/25/19 - 3/1/19 - 1/3 of 6th graders to Mt. Evans

Students with Advisement teachers of:

    • Ms. Schmelzer, Mr Marantino, Ms. Griesinger, Ms. Harmon, Ms. Gross

2/25/19 - 3/1/19 - 1/3 of 6th Graders to Windy Peak

Students with Advisement teachers of:

    • Ms. Roush, Mr. Hack, Mr. Reeke, Mr. Mulvaney

3/4/19 - 3/8/19 - 1/3 of 6th Graders to Mt. Evans

Students with Advisement teachers of:

    • Mr. Kassowitz, Ms. Lockwood, Ms. Newhart, Mr. Volk

Students will have school the week they are not attending.

King Soopers Fundraising Card

King Soopers cards are available to help fund the cost of OELS. Visit The Outdoor Lab Foundation website for for information


Visit the Outdoor Lab Foundation website to purchase apparel. Deadline to receive delivery at Drake before departure - February 17.

High School Leaders

Training Dates:

January 23 at 3:30

January 30 at 3:30

February 13 at 3:30

February 20 at 3:30

OELS High School Leaders

Training PowerPoint