Mrs. Roush

Math 6 & 6/7


voicemail: 303-982-3499

Welcome to 6th Grade Math!

My goal is to help middle school students feel successful in math. I want them to look at math with an attitude of "I don't understand yet" instead of "I can't".

I believe that with patience, perseverance, a positive attitude, a growth mindset and good study habits all students can be successful in math.

Thank you Matthew Kotowski, Gwen Dreeszen and Julia Ward for painting me this beautiful ceiling tile! I love it!

2nd Trimester Math Grade - To do list over break

Fill out this Google Form regarding your current math grade

Parents - Please review with your child and and sign the Google Form. Thank you so much for your support at home. It truly makes a difference.

Math Survey

Please compete the 1st Trimester Math survey. Thank you.


Please compete this survey every Monday during Advisement

Daily Schedule

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Period 6 12:32 – 1:24

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