Mrs. Barb Redford


Teacher of Family & Consumer Sciences classes including Culinary Nutrition, Nutrition & Wellness, and Life Management.

Culinary Nutrition

CN Syllabus


Nutrition & Wellness

N&W Syllabus

BLOCKS 3/6/7   SPRING 2024

Life Management

LM Syllabus

BLOCK 5    SPRING 2024

For the SPRING 2024 Semester, I teach: Culinary Nutrition, Life Management, and Nutrition & Wellness. 

If you are absent, or if you are a parent/guardian supporting your child's learning, check the Daily Agenda Slides to see what we did in class. 

How to Contact Me

Email is the best (and quickest) way to reach me. If you have concerns and would like an in-person meeting, please email me to make an appointment. 

Students are always welcome to drop in before or after school or during Connections/Advisement to get help or get questions answered. Find me in either W135, W137, or W140.


Voicemail: 303-982-0516


B.S. in Business Management, May 2000, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Master's in Secondary Education, May 2021, Regis University, Denver, CO

About Me

I teach Family & Consumer Sciences (FACS) classes at Arvada West High School. This year I am also parent of two AWest high schoolers. I cosponsor the Pickleball club with Mrs. Kramer and FCCLA with Ms. Sorzano and Mrs. Hirschauer. 

Some of my passions are pickleball, tennis, biking, gardening, baking, lifting weights, reading, home renovations, going to church, watching shows on Disney and Netflix and spending time with friends and family.

Here are a few pics of me and my family!