Welcome to Mrs. Thompson's 1st & 2nd Classroom

Christine Thompson


Welcome to first and second grade Gifted and Talented! I have been teaching at Westridge Elementary since 1997. I enjoy learning with my students each day. They are so fun and full of information! We have three classroom Russian Tortoises named Samantha, Hibiscus, and Sequoia.

My Three Rocks

Kindness - Kindness has been a rock of mine, my entire life. A few years ago I completed my masters in integrating the arts in the elementary classroom. For my thesis, I created a website for teachers to help them integrate the arts with an emphasis on kindness.

Compassion - I believe that having and showing compassion towards others can solve so many problems and make our classroom and our world a much better place.

Caring - Since my first year of teaching, on the first day of school I explain to my students that we have one rule in my classroom, Treat others as I want to be treated. Every year we have a class poster that all of the students sign and they make their own smaller poster for a bulletin board that stays up all year. I love it when the students notice examples of this in books that we are reading and examples of characters that are not following this rule.

I am married and mom of three wonderful children. We live in the mountains near Conifer. My family and I enjoy hiking, running, and wrestling (my son and husband are the wrestling fans), jumping on our trampolines, and reading. We have several wonderful dogs, a bearded dragon named Chips and a salamander named Salsa.