Engineering club

Interested in engineering? Join Mrs. Roybal during class as we design and build things to help our school and community! We will dabble in robotics and design and build things you won't get to do in the regular Tech Ed class! Please fill out the google form (remember you have to be logged in to your Jeffco Google account to do this) so she knows to expect you!

Disclaimer: Due to COVID-19 and our altered schedule I will be running this club DURING CLASS as part of our projects -- please sign up if you are interested.

This is a chance to be part of a Careers in Technical Education Student Organization. We are service-oriented and will be working this year to help out our school and community with the projects we design. We meet every other Tuesday/Thursday.

Fill out this form to request to be part of the club! Due to the cohort requirement for COVID-19, participation is limited to those kids currently taking Tech Ed. Students who demonstrate behavior concerns will not get to participate.