Dakota Ridge Area

5-8 Bands

Summit Ridge MS

Blue Heron, Colorow, Mount Carbon, Powderhorn, and Westridge Elementary Schools

Mr. Kevin Floth

Band Teacher


(The best way to get in touch with Mr. Floth is through email)

Click HERE to read the email that I sent 5th grade band parents.

It includes the links for making masks and bell covers.

Please register your child for band!

If you are thinking about playing an instrument,

and have no prior experience, check out this Be a Part of The Band Website.

The need to practice will be instrumental in your success :)

The Dakota Ridge area bands will play out of the Tradition of Excellence

band book 1 by Bruce Pearson.

Band and Orchestra will meet on the following days and times

(the class times will continue in this manner until we have a change in COVID restrictions)

Monday (Oct. 5th) - Colorow - I1:50pm

Tuesday (Oct. 6th) - Blue Heron - 1:35pm

Wednesday (Oct. 7th) - Westridge- 1:00pm

Thursday (Oct. 8th) - Powderhorn- 11:50pm

Friday (Oct. 2nd) - Mt. Carbon - 1:10pm