5th Grade

Josh Hallerberg  


Jane Jones                       


Tameron Klumpel  


Homework 2023-24

Upcoming Dates:

January 15th -  MLK (No School)

January 17th - Group/Spring Picture Day

January 19th - Denver Nature and Science Museum Field Trip

January 25th - 5th Grade Musical Performance 5:00pm

February 14th - Valentine's Day

February 16th - No School

February 19th - No School

February 21st and 22nd - Parent Teacher Conferences

Western on Washington

Howdy, Trailblazin' Ranch Hands!


Saddle up for the grandest hootenanny of the year – Western on Washington, a Saloon Stroll culminating in a downright legendary concert at The Rose; it’s the grandest shindig to rustle up funds for Mitchell Elementary!


Circle Friday, April 19, on your calendar from 5-11 pm and rope in that sitter posthaste, partner! 


Feelin' generous? You can even snag tickets for your fine teachers to join the revelry!


Hold your horses, there's a stampede of excitement – we're rounding up an after party at Ace Hi, and them tickets are scarcer than hen's teeth!


(Link to tix)


And here's an offer hotter than a prairie sun – consider becoming a sponsor for this rootin'-tootin' event! For sponsorship possibilities txt: 303.917.4572


But that ain't all, we're also lookin' for bold-hearted volunteers to join our posse! If you're ready to ride alongside us, & lasso yourself a complimentary libation! 


Volunteer Sign-Up


Stake your claim by responding pronto! And here's the star-spangled spectacle – we're throwin' the gates wide open to the entire Golden community this year, so don’t let your kinfolk and pals miss out on this rootin'-tootin' night of fun and supportin' your young'uns. Hitch your wagon to a block of tickets pronto, partner!


(Link to tix)


Howdy, partners!


We're fixin' to rope in a skillful wrangler for our video production at the upcoming shindig. If you reckon you've got the chops to capture the spirit of the Wild West on film, we'd sure be tickled if you'd mosey on over to our campfire. Drop a holler if you're game to be our trailblazin' video wrangler. Much obliged!  (txt.303.917.4572)


Golden Area Instrumental Music

Click here to find information about the Beginner Band and Orchestra programs just for 5th graders

Curriculum Night Slides

2022-23 Curriculum Night

Daily Schedule

Student Schedule

8:30-8:45 Soft Start

8:45-8:55 Homeroom/SEL

8:55-10:30 Block 1

10:30-11:15 Specials

11:15-12:45 Block 2

12:45-1:30 Recess/Lunch

1:30-3:05 Block 3

3:05-3:35 ELA Homeroom

3:35 Dismissal

Band & Orchestra:


Mondays 2:50-3:30pm

Thursdays 11:20-12:00pm