Ms. Graham, Ms. Martin & Ms. Christina

Thank you for sharing your child with us this year.

We want your child to learn lots, but in addition, we want them to leave first grade knowing how much we love them and believe in them!

Ms. Graham's voicemail: 303-982-0270

Ms. Martin's voicemail: 303-982-1032

Get to know Ms. Graham

I went to school at Greenville Elementary in Wisconsin. When I was little, I loved reading and dreamed of being an author and having 101 Dalmatians of my own!  My favorite subjects to teach my students are Reading and Science. 

I earned my bachelor's degree at the University of Minnesota and my master's degree at Adams State. I've taught First grade for the last 4 years here at Little, but I've also taught Second and Third grades over my career.

The best way to get in contact with me is via email. 

Get to Know Ms. Martin

I'm a Colorado native, and went to Campbell Elementary. I earned my Master's Degree in Linguistically Diverse Education and my favorite subject to teach my students is English. 

When I was a student, I had an awesome teacher named Mr. Tinsley. He made science so engaging that it was my favorite subject in Middle School!  

I've taught 1st grade for about 10 years, but I have also taught Kindergarten and Second grades. 

The best way to get in contact with me is via email.

Our Daily Schedule

First Grade Daily Schedule

Morning Meeting 8:15-8:30

Foundational Skills/Literacy Block 8:30-10:00

Recess 10:00-10:15

Reading Comprehension 10:15-10:45

Recess/Lunch 10:45-11:25

Math 11:25-12:40

AMP 12:40-1:25

Writing 1:25-2:15

Science/Social Studies 2:15-3:00

Makers’ Workshop 3:00-3:10

Dismissal 3:15