KCMS  Gifted & Talented Center

KCMS GT Vision:

We are focused on Actualizing Learners' Potential for gifted and high-ability learners in Jeffco Public Schools. KCMS takes pride in designing curriculum and implementing teacher strategies that meet the needs of our diverse community.

We believe all students deserve an education that will provide meaningful growth academically, socially, and emotionally. See the Jeffco Definition of a GT Student and our Board Policy on Gifted Education. 

The GT Center Program at KCMS:  

Students in the Center Program at KCMS complete GT coursework in Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. Math coursework can range from Math 6 to Geometry and is determined by the individual student's skills and previous coursework. Our center program allows students to experience learning with like-minded peers, and our GT core teachers work together to ensure student success through deeper learning, self-directed learning, and cross-curricular activities


Spartan Interest Night (families invited):   December 5, 2023 @ 5:30-7:00pm  

GT Spartan Shadow Day (students only):  December 4, 2023 @ 9:00-11:45

KCMS Gifted Center 

GT English Language Arts

Megan Alek -- Grade 6

Erin Christian -- Grade 7

Melissa Penrose -- Grade 8

GT Science

Zachary Stroker -- Grade 6

Trianna Weller -- Grade 7

Christopher Roads -- Grade 8

GT Social Studies

Jamie Odle -- Grade 6

Sonja Herring -- Grade 7

Thomas Walbrun -- Grade 8

GT Resource Teacher--Jennifer Webb Jennifer.Webb@jeffco.k12.co.us

GT Social Emotional Learning Counselor--Lisa Fiess Lisa.Fiess@jeffco.k12.co.us

Social and Emotional Support

Gifted children are so much more than grades and test scores!    KCMS GT Center teachers are experts in gifted education and work together as a team to support all students both academically and emotionally.   Center students participate in a GT advisement class where important social, emotional, and executive functioning skills are taught.  In addition, students in the center program have access to Lisa Fiess, the Gifted and Talented Social/Emotional Learning Counselor for ongoing support during their middle school years.  Navigating adolescence with the support of a specialized gifted counselor, who is available to work with parents, students, and outside providers, is a best practice and one of the benefits of being in a gifted center program.  At KCMS, we take pride in incorporating social/emotional learning into each day so that every student can become the best version of themselves!

Wondering about how to be identified as gifted and talented?  

Click here for more information or to make a GT Identification Referral 

 Reach out to Jennifer Webb for a GT Center Application. Now taking LATE applications for 2024-2025.