Miss Jessica Post

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Meet Miss Post

Hello! I am a Colorado native who graduated with a degree in International Affairs from CU Boulder. I studied abroad in Senegal (West Africa) and enjoy traveling, hiking, and being outdoors. I have been to 22 countries and summitted Mt. Killimanjaro. Before coming to Standley Lake, I worked with refugees in the Denver Metro area and taught for two years at an Expeditionary School in the Mapleton School District. This will be my seventh year at SLHS. I coach the Freshmen volleyball team and in July 2020 I finished my Master's Degree in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education at Regis University.

Contact Information

Email: jessica.post@jeffco.k12.co.us OR jpost@jeffcoschools.us

Telephone: 303-982-3262

Room: B228

2022 Class Schedule

Period 1: IB Psychology

Period 2: World Geography

Period 3: Study Hall

Period 4: Office Hours

Period 5: World Geography

Period 6: Multicultural Perspectives

Period 7: Office Hours

Period 8: IB Psychology

World Geography Core Class

Weekly Plans

Remote Learning Week 2 Student Plan

Course Syllabus

World Geography Syllabus Spring 2021

IB Psychology

Course Description and Syllabus

Course Description: Psychology touches every aspect of our lives. As we work, play, study, and simply interact every day, we are experiencing countless psychological phenomena. In this course, we will explore how our brains and bodies react to information and situations- sometimes in predictable (but often in unpredictable) ways. This is a year long course and students will complete an Internal Assessment (IA) and take the IB exams in May (please see the syllabus for more details about the assessment components). This is a great way to help students prepare for college by developing their note-taking, study, and writing skills. Studying psychology helps students become more effective in their most important and basic role in the world- relating to others and understanding themselves.

IB Psych syllabus 2022-23

Weekly Plans

Multicultural Perspectives Elective

Course Description & Syllabus

Course Description: In Multicultural Perspectives, we explore key components of a culture, such as knowledge, language, customs, values, norms, and objects. We also examine key concepts like social mobility, meritocracy, and privilege. Students explore how culture and gender shape their identities and how to communicate effectively with people who have different cultural backgrounds- something essential for living and working in a multicultural globalized society.

Multicultural Perspectives Syllabus Spring 2022

Weekly Plans