Beginning classes-offered to 4th and 5th grade studentsAdvanced classes-offered to 5th grade students (beginning class on same instrument prerequisite)
Instruction provided for the following instruments:Orchestra: violin, viola, cello, upright string bassBand: flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, horn, trombone, baritone, percussion

Welcome to our web page! If you are seeking information about our band or orchestra classes, you are in the right place.

Classes will start the week of August 30.

2021-22 Band and Orchestra-REGISTER and SIGN UP HERE

All new and returning band and orchestra students must sign up

Attention beginners! Due to severe traffic conditions on HWY 285 last Thursday....

Make-Up Instrument Info. and Rental Event Wednesday, Sept. 1

@ Elk Creek Elem


At this event you can learn more, get your book and instrument from one of the vendors on sight, and sign up for class!

Beware of ISO's (Instrument Shaped Objects) Seriously, see below...Mr. Weedman's "sage" instrument advice:Your student needs a quality instrument to be successful. We will not have classroom time to constantly fix slipping string pegs made out of soft wood, adjust bridges fit poorly, unstick valves that were machined lopsided from soft metal, attempt to tune snare drum heads that have more in common with a tortilla than an instrument, or search for woodwind parts that constantly fall out , etc. Seriously, we get a short amount of time per class. Let's make it count toward instruction- not repair. As we say every year...BEWARE of ISO's (Instrument Shaped Objects) from worldwide online retailers. For years they have beckoned parents and students like sirens in the sea. However, they are likely of poor construction, they are not assembled well, and materials used are not durable. Playing one is like driving a car with triangle wheels. It just doesn't make sense. Yes, the ones for a really great price from the online company that is named after a South American rain forest are most likely ISO's. Please, please, please avoid ISO's.

Yes, we are in person this year!!!

Sign up on our Google form for this year. All students must sign up online. The link will be live 8-16-21.

Check out these quick short movie trailers! Exciting!!!!

2020-21 Promo Trailer Band and Orchestra

String Family Orchestra Promo Trailer

Woodwind Family Promo Trailer

Brass Family Promo Trailer

Percussion Promo Trailer

Recruitment poster

Follow these steps to get ready for class this year:

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The following information from our parent information packet is available on this web page:

Access on Google Classroom

Our Google Classroom Codes to join:

Band (beginning and advanced): 7wpfyjn

Orchestra (beginning and advanced): oqy37ig

Live Google Meet links:




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