Beginning classes-offered to 4th and 5th grade studentsAdvanced classes-offered to 5th grade students (beginning class on same instrument prerequisite)
Instruction provided for the following instruments:Orchestra: violin, viola, cello, upright string bassBand: flute, oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, horn, trombone, baritone, percussion

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Advanced Orchestra after school rehearsal- Monday, Dec. 2 concert- Wednesday, Dec. 4

Evergreen Beginning Band and Orchestra concert -Tuesday, Dec. 3

Evergreen Beginning Orchestra concert practice list

Evergreen Beginning Band concert practice list

Advanced Band after school rehearsal-Monday, Dec. 9 concert-Tuesday, Dec. 10

Conifer Beginning Band and Orchestra concert-Thursday, Dec. 12

The following information from our parent information packet is available on this web page:

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