Physical Education

Mr. Kinner

Welcome to our Cougar PE page!

Fall Follies is on Thursday, September 20th!!

Parents, If you would like to sign up to help with set-up or tear-down on Thursday, your help would be MOST APPRECIATED!! Click on this link to sign up!

Other reminders:

A good set of athletic shoes are a requirement for participation in PE. Good PE shoes have all of the following qualities:

  • Nice rubber grip on the bottom.
  • The ability to keep them tight with laces or velcro.
  • No open toes (yep, that means NO SANDALS).
  • No built up heels.

The biggest reason for all of these rules is SAFETY!!!! Bringing your athletic shoes to PE is the same as bringing a pencil to school for writing; you have to be prepared if you want to be the best you can be!! There is a standard specifically related to student preparedness and effort. For students who have persistent difficulty in remembering their shoes, this grade will be negatively affected.

One of the primary reasons students forget shoes is that they forget they have PE. Mrs. Gomez (Music), Miss Ahlers, and myself have agreed that students should be wearing similar clothes (and shoes) to all AMP rotations since movement is also a big part of music, and in art you'll be getting your hands (and clothes) dirty in the process of making art!!

About Mr Kinner

It's hard to believe that I am now in my 15th year as a PE teacher! I love teaching PE; My passion is personal health and fitness, and I strive to pass that passion on to all of our students here at Kyffin. I'm excited as I start my 2nd year here at Kyffin!

Personally, my favorite physical activity is running. I am an endurance FREAK!! I enjoy running all distances, but my favorite runs are those I can measure in hours rather than minutes :) I've completed too many marathons to count, more than a few triathlons, and three 100 mile trail running races!

What I've learned from both running and supporting in these EPIC events is how important it is to have the resolve to keep going, no matter how difficult the challenge. This applies to everything, not just running crazy long races.

To me this is the core of the GROWTH MINDSET.

Everyone is faced with opportunities to quit every day; it's when we choose to NOT quit that we learn a LOT about ourselves, and we GROW as individuals.

Another word people connect with this trait is "Grit"- when things get challenging, it's GRIT that helps us bear down, stick to it, and get the job done!

Think about taking the words "I can't" out of your vocabulary. I truly believe that we all have limitless potential to do things that seem impossible. Most of all, we just need to believe in ourselves.

If you start with a "can do" attitude, and you mix in a little drive, determination, and guts , you might surprise yourself about what you CAN do!! Now, take that GROWTH MINDSET out and change your world!!

The two best ways to contact Mr. Kinner are by e-mail and school voicemail. These are listed below.


school voicemail- (303)982-8247

Multimedia Corner

When I'm looking for motivation and a reminder about how important PE is, I watch these videos- check them out!!

Click on the link below to watch a short video by Dr. John Ratey, a leading advocate for increased student activity in school He's awesome!!

Dr. John Ratey Tedx Talk

The following link will show you a video of Kim Bevill, a leading expert on movement and it's effects on the brain.

Kim Bevill Tedx Talk