Meet Your Jefferson Counseling Team

The Jefferson Jr./Sr. High School Counseling Team believes...

  • Each student has dignity and worth.

  • In embracing each students’ strengths and culture.

  • That education is the shared responsibility of the student, the staff, families and the community.

  • That we must first listen to our community before we can work with our community.

  • Each student can develop the skills to self-advocate and build resiliency while facing life’s challenges.

  • That every student has a right to learn and experience appropriately challenging and relevant learning opportunities.

  • In acknowledging systemic racism and working to dismantle unjust systems.

  • In our DREAMers and their ability to do great things.

  • In empowering students to plan for their future career, no matter the path they choose.

  • In supporting LGBTQ+ youth.

  • In honoring Indigenous cultures and people.

  • When it comes to issues of equity and diversity; We are committed to knowing and doing better.

  • In building strong relationships with all students, families, and members of our community.

  • In compassion and leading with kindness above all else.

Danno Rude

7-8 Counselor

Last Names A-L
Office: (303)-982-6143Text: (720) 446-6748‬
504 Lead Coordinator6th-th grade transitions

Amalia Devendorf

7-8 Counselor

Last Names M-Z

Office: (303) 982-5008Text: (970) 363-4905
Gifted and TalentedMilitary coordinator

Nate Chamberlain

9-12 Counselor

Last Names A-Ga

Office: 303-982-6105Text: ‪‬ ‪(720) 445-6947‬
SAT/PSAT coordinatorConcurrent Enrollment Coordinator

Erin Calvert

9-12 Counselor

Last Names O-Z

Office: 303-982-6129Text: ‪(719) 425-9311
AP coordinatorScholarship CoordinatorWarren Tech Coordinator

Torey Bosler

9-12 Counselor

Last Names Go-N

Email: 303-982-5975Text: (720) 514-9614
Department HeadOutdoor Lab Coordinator

Janelle St. Charles

SEL Counselor

Office: 303-982-6124Text: ‪‬ ‪(720) 608-8781

BIONIC co teacher

Elvira Sevilla

Counseling Registrar

Office: 303-982-6056Fax: 303-982-6134 Text: 720-515-0553

Lucy Danenhauer

Social Worker

Email: 303-982-6856

Shelby Noxon

Social Worker

Office: 303-982-6087Text: ‪‬ ‪(720) 770-1266