Protecting Student Data


7 Questions about Data Privacy for Parents

If a child accesses an inappropriate website, please let Mrs. McDowell know as soon as possible. Include the URL and the details of the discovery.

Securly allows teachers to monitor student internet activity and send messages to the entire class or individual students. Classroom Securly only monitors student activity during the school day.  To monitor your child's internet activity after school, use the free Securly Home App.

The threat to our information assets has never been so great. Vulnerabilities range from a stolen laptop to denial-of-service attacks to a misconfigured password. Yet, small changes in behavior can have a huge impact on information security. That's why it's every employee's duty – from the executive level to the teacher in the classroom to make security a priority.

These webpages aim to provide full transparency on how we protect our most important data – that of our students and staff.


Jeffco Public Schools takes data privacy and security seriously. Listed below are procedures taken to support data security operations.

- Encryption of stored data and securing data access.

- Authentication for users to gain access to devices and the network.

- Storing all sensitive data centrally, safeguarding the data by keeping it off end-user devices.

- Communicating expectations and protocols to system end users.

- Policies and guidelines created concerning the use of the Internet, intranet, and extranet systems.

- Providing a layered defense to protect the network and its perimeter.

- Audit and compliance monitoring.

- Incident Response Plan developed to address breaches of sensitive data.


Technology and Data Privacy Advisory Committee (TDPAC)

CDE Data Privacy and Security 

Jeffco On Demand Providers

Jeffco Contract Providers DIGITAL TOOLS USED @ HUTCHINSON All software and applications listed in the Digital Tools document are approved and vetted by Jeffco Schools for high standards of user data privacy and security.