Welcome to Hutchinson!

We are so excited to have you in Kindergarten!

Mrs. Huntsinger

I am a Colorado native and grew up here in Lakewood! I have an undergraduate degree from CU and a Master's in Teaching and Learning from CSU (conflicted, I know).  I have three children, two step-children, a dog named Charlie, a cat named Lizzy, a guinea pig named Stan Lee, and two horses -Tigger and Murphy.  I enjoy skiing in the winter, hiking in the summer, and traveling any time of year! 

I believe in the wonder of children and find joy in the unique gifts of childhood.  I want all children to feel empowered in their learning and capable of thinking critically, making choices, and solving problems. 

Ms. Turnbach

Hello! My name is McKenna Turnbach and I am so excited to be teaching kindergarten this year! This is my 6th year teaching in Jeffco, but my 11th year working in the district. I started working at a before and after program through Jeffco when I was in high school. I worked there for a few years before finishing my Early Childhood Education at MSU Denver. I graduated in December 2018 and jumped right into the classroom.  I started my career at Hutch teaching remote kindergarten, and am so glad to be in the building again!

I love going on trips to the mountains, spending time with my dogs, Moose and Dahlia, and wandering the aisles of Target.