Hailey Seiler

Miss Seiler's Schedule:

  • Period 1 - Modern U.S. History

  • Period 2 - Plan

  • Period 3 - Modern U.S. History

  • Period 4 - World Geography

  • Period 5 - Plan

  • Period 6 - LINK

  • Period 7 - World Geography

  • Period 8 - World Geography

Bell schedule

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that as both learners and as human beings growth can only be achieved in environments that are safe and inclusive. In our classroom, whether we are online or in person, everyone will be HEARD, RESPECTED, LISTENED TO, and VALUED. My mission is to foster growth by conducting lessons that allow students to explore their own thoughts and perspective in society. Coming into the classroom with an open mind can have an extreme impact on how we view the world and people around us. In history, we explore different countries and cultures all around the world. Listening to different perspectives will allow us to gain an extensive amount of knowledge and empathy that will help students better navigate a global world.