Booster Board

President: Ashleigh Bryson

Vice President: Sherry Jensen

Treasurer: Jodi Richards

Secretary: Carrie Artman


The catering committee supports the Marching Rams members at competitions and organizes food for family events. Student marchers are fed snacks and meals at competitions, depending on the length of the day. The levels of responsibility of members of this committee vary widely. Some organize a specific date's snack or meal for students, some help serve at events and check around buses to make sure we are leaving the area clean, others plan larger functions, involving all families.

The main catering functions during the year are:

1. Ice Cream Social: Held after the parent preview near the end of band camp in August.

2. Snacks and light meals at marching competitions: As needed 5-8 times per season.

3. Family potlucks: Typically after the end of the season in November.

4. Restaurant meal planning: The whole band may eat together at a restaurant, at CBA State Competition, or at other events.

Members of this committee may be asked for their expertise outside the marching season for other food events, such as intermission snacks or concessions at concerts or festivals.


Sign up to volunteer for:

Catering Committee at

Special Events at

Chaperone committee

This group checks out student uniforms for both instrumentalists and Color Guard; rides the buses as chaperones; safety pins, tapes, rolls cuffs, and performs every manner of fixes to make every student looks the same at performances. Upon returning to school after performances, uniform parents check all the uniforms back in, separating what needs to be dry cleaned or scrubbed. Between competitions or shows, this group makes everything spotless again for the next performance date. More chaperone guidelines are listed on a handout available in the secure pages of the website (requires log-in).


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Chaperones Committee at

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Pit Crew

The Pit, or front ensemble, is the collection of instruments that are too big to carry and play on the field. These are primarily percussion instruments such as marimbas and vibraphones, as well as keyboards and electric guitars. Also included in the pit is additional equipment such as the drum major podium, sound mixing board, and speakers. The pit is set up just off the field, usually centered at the 50-yard line.

The Pit Crew is a group of supportive parents, guardians, and alumni who help the students move all this equipment at football games and marching competitions. To work on the Pit Crew, you must be able to push large objects on wheels. If you can push a shopping cart, you are fully qualified! An appetite for fun is also recommended. Pit Crew is a great way to meet other parents and and students. We also rely on volunteer drivers to haul the trailer to and from events. To haul our 28' trailer, you must have a 3/4-ton truck with a trailer package.

Students load the equipment, instrument cases and hot boxes into the band trailer at GMHS. At the event, the Pit Crew unloads the trailer and assembles items. When it is time for the Marching Rams to take the field, the Pit Crew hauls everything into place at the 50-yard line, sets it up, and gets off the field for the show. When the music stops, they reverse the process. Pit crew moves efficiently because timely movement on and off the field is part of the judging in marching competitions. Time and procedure violations result in scoring penalties. Once off the field, gear is loaded back into the trailer and hauled back to GMHS.


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Pit Crew at

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Media committee


The Publicity Committee is charged with getting the word out about the great band programs at Green Mountain High School. Members of this committee take photographs at events, assemble posters, and create flyers and other publicity materials.


GREAT photos of the GMHS Marching Rams and other band and guard groups.

Videos of performances (subject to licensing restrictions, see Video Guidelines below).

Graphic designers.


Photo editors.

People who can make photocopies at their office or home are also needed.

PHOTO SUBMISSION GUIDELINES. To promote the GMHS Bands, photos that appear on the website should be the best. We also need photos of the GMHS Marching Rams to include in the season-end slide show. We like full-resolution images. Please do not share image files using email, which often shrinks the resolution and results in poor image quality.

  • Screen photos and send only the very best. Committee members are volunteers who do not have time to sort through hundreds of photos.
  • Respect band members' privacy. Photos may not be used on the website if:
    • Photo includes a name (e.g., a letter jacket often includes a student's name), or
    • Photo appears inappropriate, demeaning, or disrespectful. The Director of Bands will be the sole determining authority in these situations.

How to submit photos:

  • Use this Dropbox link! (You don't need to sign up for a Dropbox account.)
    • Click on the link or navigate to
    • In the browser window that loads, drag and drop one or more image files over the happy-file-into-folder image. Alternatively, click Choose files to upload one image file at a time. If you have more files to upload, click +Add another file.
    • Please provide your name and email address, so we can acknowledge your submission.
    • Click Upload. A green check mark means you've successfully uploaded your files.
  • Use a portable USB (jump or thumb) drive.
    • Transfer selected images to a USB drive, labeling the drive or using an envelope labeled with your name, email address, and event date(s).
    • Deliver USB drive to Director Morrissette at the band office.
    • Your USB drive will be returned promptly (usually within 1 week).
  • Contact Marnie Walsh, info@greenmountainramsbands.com720-446-9257, for other sharing alternatives, for help, or if you have questions.

VIDEO GUIDELINES. Please do not post video or audio recordings of the show on YouTube, Facebook, or any other online website. The license that allows GMHS to perform copyrighted music does not grant permission to "publish" recordings of the show. For education purposes, however, the Director of Bands would appreciate getting copies of show recordings.

How to submit a recording:

  • Use a CD or DVD or a portable USB (jump or thumb) drive
    • Burn recording to a disc and label the disc with your name, email address, and event date(s) or transfer selected video file to a USB drive, labeling the drive or using an envelope labeled with your name, email address, and event date(s).
    • Deliver disc to Director Morrissette at the band office.
    • Your media will be returned promptly (usually within 1 week).
  • Contact Marnie Walsh, info@greenmountainramsbands.com720-446-9257, for other sharing alternatives, for help, or if you have questions.

DEADLINES. Photos may be submitted any time. Circumstances sometimes make it impossible to use all the photos that are donated. In those situations, the following submission deadlines will apply:

  • By Dropbox or email: FIRST SUNDAY following the event by 10PM.
  • By Disc: FIRST MONDAY following the event by 2:45PM.